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you look like cinderella! 
before the bippody boppidy boo.

i want it to be october,
so I can watch all the old

halloween  movies on
disney channel

That moment of excitement
when your name is in a math problem

me: hemom, look at this!
mom: o coohoney!!
you didn't even look!

happens all the time!

am I the only one
that looks at the clock

when im home sick from school t h i n k i n g 

"I would be in___class right now" ?
"Sometimes me think, what is friend?  And
then me say a friend is someone to share
last cookie with." -Cookie Monster

you dont have to like me.
not a facebook status

don't wait for the perfect  moment,

take the moment and make it

p - e r- f - e - c - t

You had a lot of moments that didn't last forever,
Now you in the corner tryna put it together, how tlove..


your about as pointless as a toothbrush at a sleepover