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Hey  my  name  is  Samantha  but lately  I  go  by  Sammy  Skulls. Creative writing  is  my  life  and  passion. It always will be. My  twitter  is @xSaM83x. Alt  rock,  shows, shopping, reading, hot sauce, Tyler Glenn, Anthony Kiedis, Johnny Depp, and  salty  emos  are  my life. I'm  a  freak  and  wave  my  flag proudly. I also have  a  thing  for  the paranormal. Peace  and  love  fellow writers.


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 Artists Workshop
Every  Tuesday  Night  8pm
Fe e?...It's  totally  free!
Writers,  Painters,  Musicians,
Photographers,  ANY artists  are  welcome.
Share  your  art...or  don't. It's  up  to  you.
Joey from Buckwild is sexy.

 Bruno Mars on SNL . 

Neon Trees
enough said;)

My social life sucks.
I'm forever a loner.

I don't understand guys. First you like me. Then you act weird for a week and say everything is fine; when deep down I know it isn't. Then after all of your "reassuring" you drop the bomb and hurt me. Thanks male species, you SUCK.

Favorite this if you're a Wittian who lives in New York
So this young girl that I didn't know saw me at the coffeehouse today. And out of nowhere she said, "Hey, you're really, really pretty." And then I said, "Thanks, you are too." I just thought it was one of the sweetest, cutest things that has happened in awhile.

Guys with lip piercings. YUM.
All I want for a sweet, cute boyfriend ☠.