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Heres to the girls:
To the girls who dont wake up with perfect hair.Who dont mind 
eatting a big mac instead of salad.Who dont wear 50 pounds of 
make-up. Who would rather spend a day in sweats then skinny 
jeans.Who love sleeping in just t-shirts.Who dont get all the guys
Who's not "popular" but feel like it when they're with their friends
Who stick to sneakers instead of heels.Who dont try to fit in.Who
arnt afriad to break a nail.Who dont always get there way.Who dont
always get what they want,when they want it.& who does'nt need
a guy to tell her shes beautiful,but already realizes it.

You guys inspire me.

(btw this isnt all my quote.)
Anyone ELSE freak out about the new format??? o_o

Remember, the girls who say "a lot of guys are
going after me," should keep in mind that low prices always attract many customers.

im on a mission of happiness
favourite this and i will put your username in a box.  and then from new years day, i will pull a name out of the box every single day, i will go on your profile and favourite your quotes, and write a nice comment on your profile. 

i dont care how many people fave, wether is 5 or 500, i'll do them all, and hopefully i make people smile.

have a wonderful new years my lovelies! 

Every time I talk to you
there are actually two conversations going on.
One, the words that I am really saying
and another set of words in my mind
that I am dying to say to you,
but I didn’t have the courage to say.

I just really wish that I can tell you
how I truly feel about you,

       “Does February march?"
“No, but April may”

why do people say "apple and oranges" when
comparing two things completely different? they're both fruit. they should say something like elephants and crystal meth.



^ see this? Its a cup of how much i care. It'empty.GO AWAY.


Remember when we all wanted
    -----------------------------to grow up so bad when we were l i t t l e?                                       we were crazy.