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Deleting our texts won't make a difference

 because I will never forget what you said.

2012 Bucketlist
-sneak out three times *never with the same people
-hug a ginger
-take a picture in a photo booth 3 times *always different people and place
-have a paint fight
-have a whipped cream fight
-have a mud fight/wrestle
-play tag in a mall or store
-play hide and seek in a store (walmart or target)
-say yes to everything for a day, no exceptions
-buy a fish
-plant something and take care of it
-play a huge game of laser tag
-go bridge jumping
-sleep outside
-play spin the bottle
-do complete makeovers *hair included
-all day movie marathon (maybe harry potter)
-all day Disney movie marathon
-spend a whole night out
-cook a feast
-build an intensely huge sand castle
-dance in the rain
-buy a pregnancy test *really early in the morning wearing clothes from the night before
-pull an all nighter (try a game night)
-girl and boy sleepover
-go hard on mini golf and bet money on winning
-legit game of truth or dare
-buy and wear publicly an outfit out of a magazine
-jump in a pool with clothes on
-go to a midnight premiere to a movie
-roof top talk at midnight
-make a music video
-go without electronics for a day
-get a piercing
-throw a surprise party
-make camp fire with sticks
-tie die a shirt

They say sharing is caring, but I don't care so I don't share.

how many other girls he's texting
while he'textinme...
Ever feel like,
 you just aren't
 good enough?
Silly me,

I thought you might actually be different...


Deleting our texts won't make a difference
 because I will never forget what you said.

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a guy just asked me if I was a virgin

when I responded with of course
he said it's so surprising...

I'm 14.

Is it weird I'm a virgin?
 I haven't even had my first real kiss...

fave if you think it's normal;
comment if you don't