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She lives in a fairytale
somewhere too far for us to find♥

Quotes by lovebeinghyper

Mean Boys..

You can only have your
hair spiky once a week,

You can't wear the
same after shave
two days in a row,

You can only wear
shirts or polo's on
a Friday

And on Wednesday's
we wear blue.
Come on Barbie,
lets go party!

Who else remembers?
Some boys are like birds;
They fly away if you come too close.

On the other hand,
some are like pigeons; and they come way too
close whe you dont want them too.
All I want for Christmas is food!
When you're stalked around a shop by one of the people that work there..
Epically failing when eating spaghetti.
For the love of cats
Is it normal,
To be cold 24/7?
Me: *Buy's One Direction's new cd*
Me: *kisses cd*
Me: *does a happy dance*
Me: *sings at the top of my voice*
Brother: Shut.The.F*ck.Up.

I love you guys!