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 Stay Beautiful 

 Reconnecting with my old Witty simply because Tumblr is having issues.
Smoke some pot about it.

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People say, all you need is love.
I think oxygen is more important 
Just a colorful girl, living in a black and white world.

I havent been on witty since I was 11 and I'm 16 now and I really don't even know what I'm doing on it right now.
Stay beautiful


Quotes by lovedoesntexist1

Sorry. I forgot. You don't need me anymore.

I hate when you act like I'm asking for so much when all I want is for you to give a f*ck about me.

B e c a u s e , I love the way your voice says it's gonna get back to me someday.

T a k e  a  b r e a t h, don't it sound so easy, never had a doubt, now I'm going crazy

Just please,

don't give upan


You choke back tears and swallow lies.

I want to see you cry likI did a thousand times.


You'll say you love me & I'll find

self  lying, tellinyou

I love you too.



I knew you wouldn't understand.


Why couldn't you just be sober for once?