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Just because I don't go out and get drunk every single day of my life, doesn't mean I don't have a life.
I think you're perfect.

A lot of the friendships that I had with people ended in the past, but I don't want to lose you.



y hearts
a  stereo, it beats  for
you so
l i sten close.


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I saw you for about 5 seconds...
-------and--------it----------- made------my-------day.

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Removal of credit is punishable by DEATH.

& I don't think I can hold on anymore.
Yes, I hoped and hoped for you.
I looked forward to seeing you all the time.
I love everything about you.I will always have feelings for you.
No, I can't keep holding on to you, and I think it's time for me to let go. 

Stop changing;
I like the old you so much better.

 N o . 
You do not deserve to be in my life. I don't know why I ever thought that you do, but you hurt me way too many times. The worst part is, you don't even care about my feelings. You might think that I'm over everything, but I'm not and you will never truly be forgiven for hurting me. You have absolutely no idea how I feel. So if you ever wonder why it doesn't seem like I want you in my life, remember this:
It's all because of the choices you made.


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No one knows when they are going to fall for someone, it just happens.
One day, you just see that one special person and then all of a sudden, all of your thoughts about that person change.
You start to think about that person all the time. All of your status' become about that one person.
Every time you walk by that person, your stomach starts to get a million butterlies. When you talk to that special person that you have feelings for, you feel amazing. You hear so many songs that remind you of that person, and then you can't stop listening to them. When you're out somewhere and no matter who you're with or who you're talking to, you still always look for that person.Your phone is about to die, but yet you still leave it on because you want to get that text that you've been waiting for. When that person that you fell completely head over heels for is around you, you smile like crazy, (even if no one notices).
 It all started when you woke up one day, walked into a room, looked at that person who now means the world to you, and said to yourself:
"That person right over there, is the one I want to be with."

to just hurt a girl and break her heart.
You obviously know exactly what you're doing, but yet you still continue to do it.
How would you like it if the girl you like, just decided to play mind games with you?
Each time talk to her, you're tearing her apart but she has to hide her emotions.
You give her mixed signals all the time, and you know that she can't have you right now.

She cries over you all the time, and you just act like you're doing the right thing to her.
She blocks out your heartbreaking words with sad music all the time.
Everyday you're turning a girl who deserves to be happy, into someone who is broken.
Stop hurting a girl that you would be lucky to have and treat her right.