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Quotes by loveeyaa4046

Boy you came around and knocked me down<3
As soon as we break up, a different guy tells me he loves me.
but I'm not over you yet.
When you're in the shower and suddenly,
everyone texts you back
You played me like COD
My mom told me to get my brother something for Christmas
so I went into his room, picked out 3 things, and wrapped them

My crush: you're cute
Me: thanks!
while on the inside I'm like: HOLY POOP!!! HE JUST CALLED ME CUTE!!!! OHMYGOD!!!! HOLY SH*t!!! AAHHH!!!

when i'm dead, I want everyone I know to read my witty
because then they'll know everything I was going through

Me and my boyfriend broke up.
A day later, my bestfriend told my ex-boyfriend she loves him.

fave if this has happened to you


The difference between me and her?
She's fake.
I'm real.

I'm not afraid of him finding out I love him,
              I'm afraid he won't feel the same