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Hey the names Tara and im a sophomore in highschool.
 Tennis,Dance and Golf are my sports.
 i love music its what keeps me stong.
 life is a very confusing place for me and really sucks sometimes but i remember the word H.O.P.E and thats what keeps me  going and alive.
 im here for any  witty girls/boys who need or want to talk. :)
If you want to know more about me then just askk.
thanks for taking the time and checking out my profile! <3
follow me, i follow back!

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Quotes by loveforever21

i hate this feeling of being so alone.


i wish i could stop these thoughts.


she sits in her room crying, thinking back to the past and wondering how she ever made it this far.


starting  tomorrow  i'm  gonna  be  me  and  not  try to  be "normal" im  gonna  just  be  me.


tell  me  it"s  all  gonna  be  okay,
to  stop  wishing  away  my  days.
that  im  here  for  a  reason,
even  one  that  i  may  not  believe  in.
all mine

nobody cares about me.

i wish i was a better friend for people.


sometimes all i want is  to lock myself  in my room, lay on the floor, listen to music and cry till i have no tears left...


if only you knew how i am really feeling behind this smile of mine.


Having to repeat...
"yeah i'm fine, just tired"
continuously through out the day.