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Sitting in an empty room

trying to forget the past

This was never meant to last


Every 60

seconds you

spend angry 

or upset


Is a minute of happiness you can never get back.    


I'm going to write 'I miss you' on a rock.

& then I'm going to throw it at you.  Maybe then, you'll understand how much
                           missing you hurts.


You texted him and he 
didn't text back

He clearly got so excited that you texted him,
 he fainted, not being able to text back..  ♥


The Simple Joy
of making others                   h a p p y 



Oh. Hey there. You've finally decided to even bother trying to speak to me? Even though you've practically dissapeared off the face of the earth for almost three months? Since you clearly don't care about me as much as you said you do. But it's okay, I'll just go with the flo and act normal for you just like I always do. Not like i'm hurting or anything. But I know no matter what happens, I'll love you like I have for almost two years.






you get when he says your name


Are you from Africa?
because African love you ;)

I can see you're sad,

Even when you smile, even when you laugh

can see it in you're eyes,
Deep inside you want to cry


>>>>>>> nmq


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