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Let's see....
My name is London, I am 15, 16 in November 2012. I get out of high school in the year 2014 so that puts me in year 11. I love Harry Potter the series but i am a sucker for Fred and Draco. I balled when Fred died. He lives on in my heart forever♥ I live on Soccer and Softball, those i focus on 24/7. There isn't a day where i am not doing something for one of those two sports! I have two of the bestest friend you can ever have they are Katie and Morgan (sweetdreams_27 & Paintmepurple96). I am also a writier when I get time to write, with that there is no time to write lately. Just a little about me now.
let's see here are a few truths.
* I feel like a total slut sometime ever though i dont do anything with guys truth be told i haven't even kissed a guy since last year.
*I'll do anything for my friend even if that mean putting me in the face of danger. Too be truthful i"ll give my life for any of my friends,
*I trust few but if i do feel special because i have very bad trust issues.
*I try to work myself to get skinnier but it's not working.
*I used to cut but now i have been free for more than a year. I thank my great friends.
*Lately i feel like the littlest thing will put me in tears, But i hold then back because in my mind i have came to think tears are weakness and no one needs to see weak. If i am weak in there eyes they just might crush me even more.
*I regret alot of things, so most things i say i dont mean to say i just get a little hyper really easliy and they come spilling out.
*I dont know how to talk to a guy, except if they are my best friend once they become something more i freak out.
*I dont think i am beautiful one bit i just repeat to myslef to get my self-confinde up.







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So, i want to lose weight. I made my high school's softball team. We run a mile every practice and we are always moving. I also play for another team we aren't moving as much but we are always doing something. So i play 7 days a week for at least 2-3 hours everyday. What is best way to change my eating habits? i eat breakfast everyday and i don't eat big lunches or dinners, But i always snack after practices if dinner is not done. So what is the best way to change my habits?

this is stuipd, everything i am thinking about...i want to throw up everything that i eat now...i have down it in the past and i felt like i was feeling better i was losing weight i felt better about boyfriend calles me beautiful, he has told me that i am perfect the way i am...but i just look at myself and complete digustingness. i see a girl who is fat, ugly, no confindence, a girl who no boy will ever boyfriend tells me that he know he will love me someday that it's just to early to say that and i totaly agree with him. Just i dont know what he sees with in me, i see nothing when he sees an amazing girl he says...ugh i just hate this i want to lose weight but i can't if i do i will either strave myself or throw of everytime i eat thats the only way i see i can do it...i play alot of sports too so if i do any of those i will probably become ill and i dont want to do that to myself and also if i do anything like that my boyfriend will mostly break up with me, and i really dont want to lose him. this is just a bunch of nothingness forget all of this. i just am scared i might turn into something i am not...
 "Can I go pee?" -kid in my class
"That's a letter of the alpahbet..."-Sub.

That Moment when....
When he looks deeply into your eyes and smiles, 

and  you just get lost in his eyes

Life is a Balance of holding on
and letting go.
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 If I said half the things i wanted to no would ever talk to me, 
they would just think  I am to werid.

I can either be the best person you ever meet or be the Biggest B I T C  H
you'll ever meet.



I love how....we are the perfect fit for each other. 11-19-11



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Those days you just spend with him,

and he just holds you and quietly talks to you the whole time.


A Lesson to be learned.

I will ALWAYS Forgive.
But i NEVER Forget.
Just so you know♥