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Hey! So my names Olivia and I'm a eighth grader
from boston mass, kiss my ass. I blow out the candles on
May 25th, let my know if your my witty twin(:
Im a hard-core directioner. and am going to marry Harry Styles ♥
Going to the concert in 2013! Whoop whoop.
So a little bit about me is I play soccer,
piano and love singing! So Im kinda loud & crazy.
If anyone needs advice or someone to talk to,
comment on my wall. I love all my 113 followers♥.
This is the reason why i have a witty, to inspire people
and to be inspired. Follow my other account fangirl_problems!
I hope you like my quotes! Follow me! Stay Beautiful♥


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"You were my new dream."

                          "And you were mine."



          Me: Time for homework.
          Me: *opens chemistry book*
          Me: *turns to page 56789876545789*
          Me: *labels notebook 25.8*
          Me: Wait, don't I have study hall tomorrow?
          Me: *throws chemistry book into a wall*

Person I hate: Hi!
Me: OMG GO AWAY I HATE YOU AND YOUR STUPID LITTLE PHRASES. Like, "Hi"?? Oh my GOD, do you ever STOP?? SO annoying omFG.

          Me: Ughhh finals are coming up soon.
          Everyone: Finals?
          Everyone: Are you in summer school?
          Everyone: School ended 3 weeks ago.
          Me: No, my school is just scared of weather changes so we end school at the end of June.

Oh my gosh guys
They made Nutella flavored ice cream in Germany

Listening to Conversations
Friend1: Spell Me.
Friend2: M-E.
Friend1: You forgot the d.
Friend2: What? There is no d in me. 
Friend1: Not yet. 

*My brother walks into my room with my cat*
brother: Elroy (my cat) you're so cute.
brother: Look there's your mom (pointing at me)
brother: Wanna go see my mom? 
*Walks into living room*
There's my mom
brother: Elroy if I was a cat I'd be gay with you.
*Walks back into my room*

brother: Yes, I'd be gay with Elroy if I was a cat.

My brother ladies and gentleman.
Whatever your fight, dear child, use claws.
Life is far too shor to be ladylike.
idk man i just really want a hug.
I dip my animal crackers in hot chocolate. I bite popsicles. I'd rather have a bunch of grapes than anything. I like swimming just because I can go underwater and forget the world. I lay upside on my bed and rub my stomach. During fireworks, I close my eyes and just listen. I dance like a s/ut some days, and like a loser the next. I dip french fries in chocolate malts at Johnny Rockets. I act out scenarios to my reflection in the mirror. I climb on the jungle gym whenever I go to the park. I have deep conversations about life with myself. When I'm sad, I sleep with a teddy bear. I sleep with 5 blankets during the winter. I have to have at least 1 blanket over me to sleep. I flex my thigh and calf just to move. I sti strangely in my desk at school. If I'm in an excessively energized mood, I shake my a//s when I walk. I try and sound deep and intelligent when I'm just not that smart. I have little fantasies that I think are cute but are actually just strange. I'm addicted to vanilla frosting and pretzels. I purposely say the wrong answer in class so I don't seem overly smart. I dream of doing that rebel sh/t, but am too much of a goody goody to actually do it. I'd rather sit on the roof and read a book than anything else. I love the feeling you get after you run, but hate running. I say things a 2nd grader would find funny, and I die of laughter. I bite the inside of my mouth when I'm thinking about something. I won't look you in the eye if I'm thinking about something. I have major mood swings for no reason. I babble on about absolute nonsense, and nothing I say makes sense to anyone but me. But that's just me, take it or leave it.