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Maria; 18; Colby-Sawyer College; Freshman; Taylor Swift♥

-I believe that I will find a fairy tale romance, & I won't settle for anything less; 
-Everyone has proved to me that love is fake, once I find that one special guy who shows me that it's not, i'll let yah know (; 
-I'm probably the nicest person you will ever meet, I've been told that I'm too nice & let people walk all over me. 

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AngelM 1 decade ago
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I know you don't know me but I understand and I'm here for you
And my one month is tomorrow
loveisfake28 1 decade ago
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thank you. It's so tough! This is my second bad breakup and I thought it would be easier this time, but it's not. I just need someone to talk to. I don't have much friends here at home because I've pushed them all away. I made this kid my everything and I hangout with him everyday. The friends I did have became his friends too so we all were able to hangout together, but I pushed them away and now my ex is hanging out with "my" friends..the friends I made for him. It hurts a lot. Today was our 3 months, and I care about him so much. It was so hard to not text or call him. We had plans to be with each other today but when he broke up with me yesterday he didn't want to be with me today. So he went off to the beach with "my" friends...i just was jealous and wished I was there too ): I'm having a tougher time with this than I thought. He told me that we could try to talk in a couple days. I want to make this work, i'd do anything to make it work. & I wish he could have SOME heart and help me out here, but he has no interest. This was so sudden..I just don't understand why he didn't talk to me about this before. ):
ForeverYours509 1 decade ago
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I love your account name thing. Loveisfake. (: