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The name is Miranda. Ive been alive for 18 years but only just recently learned what it meant to live and love. I live in a world I am not fond of. I want to change the world and make a deference. I've learned that all things are possible through love. Now I just have to learn how to love everyone. And be loved. I have an absolutely amazing wonderful breathtakingly perfect boyyyfriend/fiance whom i cant wait to marry. I love you Coreyy. 
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Quotes by loveishope123

Steve: "witty is more fun with your friend."
Me: "heck no its not. Witty is where i go to get away from people I know."
Is it wrong to delete family from facebook; because seeing them post about how they would rather be with other people then be the brother and sister you should have; wrong.?? 
If you're not going to speak up, how is the world supposed to know you exist?
Awesome Fact:
All phones in Japan are waterproof.
Got a Cherry Limeaid today
and there was no real cherry in it.
Being with you made all the time we were apart feel like a dream...
And now being away from you for so long makes the time I spend with you feel like a dream...
Sister: *Squints and looks at ceiling* Is that a spider?
Me: No Kay, thats a fly. Gezz you really are blind.
Sister: No flys move and thats not moving.

Shes just crazy. lol.
Everyone has their limits.
Starting out with a random format and tweeking it because its almost perfect but not quite there.