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sup hoes.
Welcome to Jim's Whore House,
you got the dough we got the hoe.
ok. my name is meagan.
I'm a sarcastic bitch & I like it that way.

I probably won't be using this account anymore.
My new account is
MillenniumLint -my spillit. -my tumblr

my face;
well ok
guess whooo, (:
yup its your main bitchaouus lindsay<3i like really love you mami<3 you are the bestestttt
i love helping you with your problems, js i hope im making a difference
look at this gorgeous girl vv :)
like seriously, look twice. because the first time ur eyes might melt
cuz i dont think you've seen someone asgorgeous as my meagan<3
she is one of MY main biitches
so back off, asssholess
hurt her and i swear i will hunt you down and freaking hit you with a bat until you bleed
like honestly, i swear she has too much to deal with so don't fuucking make it more, if you decide to you seriously will wake up in a bath full of water.
if u hate her, i hate u.
:) she might say that shes a biitch but guess what? shes not.
so call her a biitch andhonestly u die.
this girl is my main biitch ok
sooo. you are not important

sorry, forgot to writee,
her diick is mine so back the fuuck off,,<3 like i swear,
its mine.<3

Quotes by loveisjusta_history_

Life wont suddenly grab you by the feet and pull you into an adventure, you have to chase life.

Don't be a c#nt,

 everyone experiences their own demons to fight.


I don't know about you guys,
but I'm feeling fergalicious today.

I know that I should
walk away, but I can't
bring myself to quit
beautiful girl with the
 weight of the
world on her shoulders, I'm
  just a kick in the 
teeth from a
world that's painted


& sometimes I sit  &
count the days when
you said 'I love you'
but I still couldn't
the empty feeling at night
   after you left me     
alone in there
in that house of
horrors ~


Not everyone is nice,

 wether you like it or not, 
and sometimes people are rude and mean,
but sometimes people need to learn
how to grow the f-ck up & say f-ck who makes me unhappy.


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                                                                            even though you're too old.