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Quotes by lovelifeadventuretime

We are at least 50% naked every day becase our clothes still have holes.
Live life to the fullest. That means to be happy even when your down,love life and experience it. It's not getting drunk and getting prego or do something that will cost you so much. Life is an adventure and it does its have up's and down's,but it doesn't make it less in value.
People say there is no such thing as happy endings,that sad endings always happen. Your wrong there is happy endings. You just need hope and patience. Of course everything isn't perfect. A happy ending doesn't start at your death it happens for the rest of your life.
Just because we find all the negative to everything that doesn't mean there is no positive side.
I'm perfect in my own way. I don't need to compare myself to anyone because everyone is unique in their own way. I don't need to change into what people want me to be. I will just be me. thats te hardest thing to accomplish in life. Just be you. You perfect in every way.
If you don't ever take the chance to fall in love,you will miss out on the best thing that life can give you.
Oh no spoiled milk. Man I should have checked the expiration date. Perfect cereal ruined.
Why does it take so long to build up something,but at the end it comes breaking down so easily?
Just because your on disney channel it doesn't make you a singer.
Why does the guy mostly,always, gets the girl and the girl might not  even get the guy.