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Quotes by lovelisajess37

delete the number,
discard the texts,
burn the pictures,
and try to forget
"We should love, not fall in love.
Because everything that falls gets broken."
-Taylor Swift
Funny how friends throw it in my face that they get to see my boyfriend more than I do. I'm glad to know that I am everyone's last priority.
A lot of the time I wonder what happens when we die. But I think we either go to heaven or hell. Or we turn into a ghost stuck on earth because we have unfinished business that we are unable to complete. Or we turn into an Angel with unfinished business that we have a chance to complete and go to heaven.

That's what I think and I want to live out my time on earth so that I just get my judgement and don't have to try to finish something in order to help someone I love. I don't want that pressure on me.

I just get sick of my life.

The day you realize you can take procrastination to a whole new level and not do homework the night before it's due, but the day it's due.

Witty Girls,
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I think toes look like demented fingers without nail polish on them.

Here's to the girls
that don't care about One Direction and are tired of seeing all the top quotes about them.

After 9 months on Witty I have 10 followers.
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I feel wanted on Tumblr, but I feel invisible on Witty.