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WhAt DoEsN't KiLl YoU mAkEs YoU sTrOnGeR
 I'm much to complicated to fit into this tiny box! (even though it is a scroll) My name is Stella:) Stella Mae for my Science class:) I live in the south:) and my family consists of rednecks and... rednecks:) but i love um:) God is my savior and i would lay down my life for him!:) I am going into 8th grade this year! i have the best friends anyone could ask for:) I L   O   V   E being a cheerleader :)  i need a witty bff:) sooo hmu :) Trying to make the most of my life! I am mostly a happy person.. moody alot but hey what 13 year old girl isnt!?!? :)

Feeling- Happy:)
Song- in the dark- Dev
Color- PInk:)
Artist-coldplay, Taylor Swift,
and that's all about me!!
Best Quotes out there:)

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Had alot of crooks tryin to steal your heart
Animated Blinking Gingerbread Man

Quotes by lovelivelaughlife

I should just change my voicemail to:
Please hangup and text me. Thanks. 

you can't judge
my choices >>>>> Without knowing
my reasons


you have to remember,

whatever I do, I do because i love you.
-Evan Almighty



 What did the gay whale do after he turned over the boat?




He ate all the seamen ;)


If they don't chase you
when you walk away,
Keep Walking.

it may seem like the
hardest thing
to do but you have to
the guy who forgot about you

*The Notebook* 

If a girl is stupid enough too
to love you after you broke her heart

I guarantee
you she is  
the one.

In a world where you can be anything;be yourself,
because no one can ever tell
you're doing it wrong

I know we are too young

it's still to early to say this
but i hope you are the one

I have never;

heard silence quite this loud