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Name: Emily Jeanne Hrabak
Age: 15
Birthday: July, 29, 1996
Grade: 10
Eye Color: Green/ Hazel-y
Hair Color: Red (And yes, it is natural.)
Status: Taken ;)

I love music. I write lyrics, dance and sing. I am starting to get into acting as well.   I have the best boyfriend in the world.  I love meeting new people and giving advice. If I can help you with anything, leave a comment and I'll get back to you a.s.a.p.   :) Thanks!

This is Bob the banana. Paste


 this on your page so Bob can have


 World Domination!


 Go bob! BOB RULES!


Quotes by lovelocks1234

Oh my god. I haven't been on Witty Profiles in forever! :'(
I'm falling from Cloud 9
Crashing from the high

There's a little truth behind every
{just kidding}
A little curiosity behind every
{just wondering}
A little knowledge behind every
{i don't know}
And a little emotion behind every
{i don't care}

He grabs my waist and pulls close. We hold eachother in silence. I ask, "What are you thinking about?" His responce, "You." (true story) <3

I want him to put his arms around me, pull me close and whisper, "I love you" in my ear.

!!!!Pete Wentz!!!!!

I can now finally change my relationship status to

" in a relationship"

He's PERFECT! <3

He wants to break up with HER, to go out with ME.