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Quotes by lovemedead_x3

no matter what i say, i'm not over you.

thats where i have to go
to see your beautiful face

if you asked me,
how i was doing
i would say i'm
doing just fine
i would lie & say
ou're not on my mind

we're constantly told we only live once,
but once we finish one chapter of our lives
we are constantly re-reading that chapter while creating the next one,
would you rather remember your life for all the good chapters or
remember your life for that one chapter you kept re-reading?

Him:"i have to let you go, people say let the things you love most go"
Me:"that's the stupidest thing i've ever heard, i would never let go of something i love"

i said i love you
& i swear i still do

can't you see that
if you wanna stay around

you've got to figure me out

so..theres this boy
i just cant seem to get my mind off
everything he does i find cute
but i hardly know him.
i can use a good challenge
never know what could happen
unless you try

the awkward moment
when i have to tell myself
not to stare at him