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Quotes by lovemeforme419

I lost the only person

I could open up to. 
Now I am left keeping everything inside.


How could you?

 You ruined me. 

I got no say in the matter, you made the choice to break me. 

Do you feel pain everyday?

 Or did your choice just hurt me?


I hate only having one person
I can actually open up to, it makes the idea of losing them so much worse.


Maybe I did change...

 but I'm happy, and that is all that matters.

 I don't care what you think.

Hate is a strong word,
 so yeah I hate you.

It hurt. It hurt like hell. I tried harder for you than for anyone else. You told me you cared, I trusted you. The first person I had trusted in months, but you killed my trust. You never cared about me, you never wanted me, you never loved me. You just wanted to use me. I was your stupid entertainment, I meant nothing. I was never enough. Another girl was always better than me. I let you use me, hoping you would develop feelings for me, but that didn't happen. I was hurt once again. You broke me. I was just the silly little girl that believed all your sweet, dangerous lies.

I wish I could hate you

You were there to wipe my tears;

 Now you are the reason for them.

Amazing how quick things change.


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I never wanted to become

 the girl that screwed up a life

 I'm sorry...


I am not the prettiest, nicest, or smartest,
 but I deserved to be treated well.


how little people actually care

kills me