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hi, i'm michelle and i quit 
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cheesiest present ever
boy i like: theres one thing i didn't get that i really wanted..
me: aw what?
boy i like: you
saying i'm over you 
                      has become one of the easiest lies to tell

          You became the one person you said you never would
                                                  did I mean anything to you?

Ugg boots. Football games. Cuddling. Halloween. Hoodies.
Pumpkins. Apple picking. Hay Rides.       Haunted Houses
Apple Crisp.           Pretty colored leaves. Candy. Costumes..
I'm     read  for   fall
Im sort of kinda really crazy about you
 Three in the Morning
Baby: Hello baby girl :) um I just got home and I don't know if you're up but I ust wanted to tell you how much I love you and how beautiful you are :*

It may seem like the hardest  thing to do,
 but you have to f o r g e t          about the guy 

that forgot about you     .
           -The notebook


=The Notebook         ItHE 

I love you 
Shouldn't   that   be    enough?


You leave me
p e e c h l e s s   


You have no idea, none at all,    

about the a f f e c t you have on.  Any other guy I wouldn't give two f*cks about.
                                                                         But you, you've got me crying.