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this is an account for my secrets .
the idea for this account was from neverlookdown .

Quotes by loveneverdiesx12345

secret #39:
i keep going back to the people that hurt me the most.
no one will ever understand me like they do.
secret #38:
i have trust issues.
only because my friends have screwed me over so much in the past.

why did you have to change?

i need a nerd-vention.
brb, having a threesome with Ben&Jerry.
secret #37:
my feelings towards me friends change constantly.
i'm friend-bi-polar.

seriously, using 'lol' and 'hunny' when you're fighting someone doesn't make you cool. it just makes you a priss.
has anyone ever noticed how all of the children in the crayola commercials are incredible artists?
and one day, you'll be the only player wanting to play the game.