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Hey! My name is Rachael and I'm so glad that you have visited my profile! I dont really know what to write so I'll just wing it! I love life, love music, adn I really can;t be bothered to write this so yea... Oh and one last thing, you're beautiful :)

Quotes by lovepeacerespect

Debating wheather I should wait for Candy Crush to give me another life

Or get one of my own
It is okay to like a bands popular song
I mean there is a reason it's their most popular song

In my head: Constructs witty and insightful answers to interview questions for when I'm famous
please I soup want

If there was an award for laziness.
I'd probabley send someone up to get it.
My degree of sarcasm depends on your degree of stupidity
I hate it when you have to be really nice to someone you want to punch in the face

Guy: What direction do five gay guys walk??
Me: I don't know. Why don't you grab four of your friends, and I'll tell you..

Am I the only one whos never seen a pizza delivery girl?
I'm not 'cute' awkward
I'm 'what the hell is wrong with you' awkward
When your bestfriend isn't at school and you are forced to act normal