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Hello there, seems like youve stumbled upon my profile! well the names Emmie. 14 years old, I blow out my candles on July 9th. I love fall and winter. I only have a couple true friends. My closest friends are probably Jenna, Aimee, Sami, and Bryanna♥ They mean the world to me. I am a cheerleader and my team is my family. I love my sport and everything about it. My idol is Taylor Swift and I love Miley Cyrus. Im single and I love talking to my followers and giving advice so dont be afraid to leave a comment! I want you all to know that i will always be here for you. Well thanks for reading this! Oh&you should follow me on tumblr.

Quotes by loves_all_you_need

Stop playing with my heart,

its not a game.

you have no idea whats its like to be me.



You used to shine so bright, but i watched it all fade   
along with the promises that you made.  



You deserve better than what you've got
but you have to work your way
to the top

Happy birthday to me :)




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Junior Hig

I went into 7th grade innocent.
I came out of 8th grade broken.

I used to wear my hair natural
I used to wear no makeup
Eveyerone used to be my best friend
Hugging guys was scary
There was no such thing as a backstabber
I got straight A's
I went shopping for school clothes at Target
I had glasses
No one made fun of anyone
I wasnt self concious
I didnt care about having a boyfriend
I didnt have trust issues
The latest gossip was who failed a test
I used to be happy

sometimes people do actually feel that way. sometimes your life feels like its caving in on you. sometimes people really do feel like they dont want to exist, like they just want to curl up in a ball, and go into that place between life and death. saying "i dont want to exist" isnt saying "i want to die." its saying "i wish that, for the time being, i could go somewhere and not have to feel". if you don't know how it feels to feel this way, then you have no place to judge anyone who does.

I'm surrounded by people

but I feel so alone.

i personally think the heart break of losing a friend is worse than the heart break of losing a guy