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If I find out
you have a girlfriend,
from someone else...
I will be

Something About the Sunshine
~Chapter 16~
*One Month Later, August 25th*
Mitchell and I were sitting on the shoreline of the beach, hand in hand. After the incident, we had become really close. Friends. With benefits. I know this will sound slutty, but he was my first. "Hailey..." He whispered. "hmm" I said, swiftly. "I think I'm falling in love with you" he said, smiling. I didn't expect that. I'm leaving the state in 3 days. "Mitchell..." I whispered. "Hmm" he said quietly. "I was here for vacation" I told him. "I know" he said. "What? How?" I asked. "I told Macee that I really liked you and she said I shouldn't. When I asked why, she told me you were here for vacation" he said. "Im so sorry I didn't tell you sooner" I said. "It's okay, I just want to hear you say you feel the same way" He said. I nodded. "I... Do" I said, kissing him. I felt sparks fly. "I love you Hailey Larson" He said. "I love you too, Mitchell Cannings" I said smiling. "You know there was something about the sunshine the day you came to California" Mitch said.  

Sorry its so rushed, I just really want to start the sequel!!
Something About the Sunshine
~Chapter 13~
"So, whats the plan?" I asked, Miranda. Me, Miranda, Macee, Josh, Jared, Mitch, and Gavin were hanging out today, and we got bored. "Beach?" I suggested. "My place?" Macee said. "My place!" Mitchell yelled. We all agreed. "Party, at my place, seven, be there or be squared" He said. I smiled. "Can I borrow your stuff? I dont have anything in my... closet, to wear" I said, pausing before closet. "Sure! We can get you all dolled up" Macee said. I smiled, ahh, friends in Cali were so much better than friends in Vancouver.

*2 hrs, later*
I was standing in front of Macee's mirror, double checking myself. I was wearing (The eyeshadow is the 1st one),
with my hair curled into loose curls. "You, look...Wow" Josh said, walking in. I blushed. "Awwe shucks! Thanks" he smiled, and wrapped his hands around my waist. I kissed him. "Listen, I know this is just a summer thing, but will you be my-" I cut him off with another kiss. "Yes" I whispered, giggling. "Alrighty, then, lets go, girlfriend!" He said. "Of course, boyfriend" I said, intertwining our fingers. "Whats with you two?" Macee asked. "Meet me, boyfriend" I smiled. "For the summer" he winked. "I see... Wait til' Mitch sees you two" She mumbled. What? What till Mitchell see's me? What's that supposed to mean? He doesnt even have a crush on me, bothering to ask me out.

We walked into Mitchells' 43 ancre house. I jaw dropped. "Whoa" I said. "It's not that big, lets go grab something to drink" He said. I nodded, and followed Josh into the kitchen. "Hey guysss" Mitch slurred. "It's only been... fourty five minutes, and your already drunk?" Josh asked. "Whooooooossss Druunk??" He said. I smiled, and kissed Josh. "Whoa!" Mitchell said. I glared at him, and smiled laughing.

My foot's asleep... Danggg, Oh and yea, this is a short chapter... yet again, but its not kuz of writers block, I'm watching Barbie in a mermaid tale 2 and yea... Yes, I'm 12. And Yes, I'm watching barbie... buts it part of my childhood :) MAYBE a longer one tmrw
Something About the Sunshine
~Chapter 8~
Mitchell's POV
"Let go of me!" Hailey yelled at Josh. It was exactly this, that I felt jealousy towards. I guess my crush was more then little. It was huge. But it was pretty obvious she didnt feel the same way. Then, Macee came out from under the bed. "Hey! Hey! Hey!" She yelled, "use protection" she eyed Hailey on the bed, and Josh pinned her down. I could feel the anger rise up in me. "One sec, lemme go to the bathroom" I said, walking away. Jared, followed me. "Bro, I know you dont have to go to the bathroom. He likes her too. But I think Hailey likes you. Its just Jess..." Jared said. I was this close to punchint the wall|                    |. "She messes everything up. She messed up now, and she messed up back then.
*Flash Back*
"Come on Mitch! No one will know" Jess said. We were at a party at Josh's house. And she wanted to sleep with me. At that time, I had a girlfriend. Her name was Jane, I was a Junior, and she was a Sophomore. "Fine" I agreed. She started kissing me, and I started kissing back. She took off my top, I took off hers. Her pants, my pants. Then, Jane walked in. She was frozen still, tears running down her beautiful pale face. "Jane..." I said, apologetically. She just stood there shaking her head. "Its not what it looks like" I told her. I guess I said the wrong thing, because the Jess walked up beside me, and started kissing my neck. "What do you mean? This is exactly what it looks like" Jess said. Jane ran into the bathroom, crying. Jessica had ruined everything. I loved her.
*Flash Back Over*
"She messed up me and Jane" I said. "I know, but, it wasnt your fault. It was Jess's... Techniqually" he said. I rolled my eyes, and walked back to the room. "Hi Hailey" I said. "Hi" She sneered. Why was she acting this way? There was tension in the room. "Okay, lets play truth or dare!" Miranda said, breaking the silence, between Hailey and I. I nodded.

"I'll get Carly to pop some popcorn" Macee said. We all nodded. Later she came back. "I'll start" Hailey said. This'll be fun. I thought. "Macee," she said, "truth or dare?" she narrowed her eyes. "Dare" Mace said. "I dare you... to make-out with Jared" Hailey said. Macee gave her a fake death glare. "Fine" Macee said, walking up to Jared. After thirty seconds of kissing, we started throwing popcorn at them, and yelling 'Get a room'. "Okay, Okay," Macee said sitting next to me, "Hailey, truth or dare?" Hailey thought about it, the chose dare. "Okay, I dare you to... do seven minutes in heaven, with..."

Hey guys! this is dedicated to Koalabear125 (I think thats her username :$ sorry if its not)