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Hi, I'm Katie! Im 16. I Love Witty but get kind of annoyed by all the 1D quotes. But please feel free to talk to me if you have something you wanna just share with someone! I will be glad to listen! :)  I Love music SO much!! I love all music except for classical haha. I love animals too! :) anyways, thats me! 

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What is a  cows favorite activity?
Going to the Moooooooovies ;)


I didn’t see it comin, I didn’t see the wall

And I went from runnin, to a slow crawl

I feel like a child, but I’m afraid to cry

Would say i’m okay but i’m afraid to lie

I speak no evil, but hear no angels

My family is callin, but all I see is strangers

Take the bible from the hotel drawer,hell froze over, 

Ice cold, hells door, knock knock, i’m on this old road non stop

The exit I would pass cos the sign did rot. 

London Bridge By:
Yelawolf and Ed Sheeran

Finding out that someone you love has a serious illness. Thank you for dropping 500 pounds of sadness and dispair to my already chaotic and stressful life. Just what i need. And they expect me to believe in God? Yes, let me just add that to my list of things that make no sense.
Slammed two Monster Energy drinks before school.

London Bridge-Yelawolf



Your stronger than you think...