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Quotes by lovestrucklover

The feeling of never being good enough for anyone.
it seems the harder i try to excercise so i can get skinny, i just seem to get fatter.
i feel like people are just tearing me apart with their words and actions.
So you the kind of friend who doesnt want to be around me when im deppressed to even try to lift me up, because you don't want to be depressed. Im not freaking contagious..& you call yourself my best friend.
I fell in love with you
And you asked me out,
my head said yes
but my heart said no,
I went with my heart and said no,
araid of that you would hurt me like all the others 
but now you dont talk to or text or even look at me.
Don't Know Why You're So

Concerned About Me When

Have Your Own Problems. 

Worry About Yourself, I Got Mine.
That moment where you want to just cry and not stop..
Those days ,
when you had no 

Motivation to wake up.
How to be not depressed
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