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Merp hai im ellie 
i am very awkward
so don't expect anything pretty or nice on this 
cuz i am not
i think everyone in my school are pesants
RANDOMNESS <<< i like that
im not just a wanna be hipster i am
/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ hunny if you say that then u can get off my page 
unless you really are 
i am in 7th grade i just turned 13
no i am not a slut that sleeps around 
like all you people portray all 13
year olds do.... please get it right 
those are the sluts 
i am normal.....well nvm
im not normal im just not a slut 
im into country and reading 
summer, ocean, sand,sun
i can't live without them 
i do have insucities but im not gonna say them
cuz i keep them to myself 
im totally redoing this account from..
merp to BA BAM!! 
ya that just happened.:0
peace out home scout

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  He dosen't know


the difference from




Just me?


great now this sl*t/wh*re likes him the secnd i break up wihthim and she WAS ONE OF MY F*CKING FRIENDS !!!!!!!! I AM NOW CRYING
Okay so i need help making my profiles all pretty can i have help ?
doing the cimnon challenge :)
50% of girls think their fat.
77% of girls think their ugly.

and  im over here like,

B*tch im flawless