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I'm like every other girl crushing on a guy who doesn't like me back or thinks of us as just friends. I guess you could say I'm on here on witty to become accepted. Not many people know the real me. Many of you on here will soon enough. But, I'm just a normal 13 year old girl, who goes through all the drama and heartaches just like everyone else. Follow me and you'll see life through my eyes. Always remember you are beautiful. Love all of you! Bye! <3 

Quotes by lovesummerlove

Don't flirt with me when your girlfriend hates me.
Yes I hate you but...
You throw reaaly good partys so I'm gonna act like I like you.

I f....

 You don't text me 
I am breaking up with you


             Louis Tomlinson
      Niall Horan
   Harry Styles
Liam Payne
          Zayn Malik
One Direction


   Dear parents,


Some kids smoke drugs, some drink alcohol.

  All I do is sit infront of my computer all day and obsess about one direction.
I really don't know why you are so worried about me.


your daughter                             .





Texting everyone in your contact list,
And posting on facebook and twitter,
 Just to find out who is in your homeroom.

Just me?


The next time I see you...I am going to kick you so hard you will get your period two weeks early. Then I will put you in a tank full of sharks! :)