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Quotes by lovexhatexhurt

I looked down, tears filling my eyes.

"Hey, don't cry" you said, "everything's going to be okay."
"You mean that?" I asked
"Pinky swear"

Looks like you lied


The past keeps on fading,

but I'll never forget you.

Lovexhatexhurt format by: h0peful.


Quite frankly,
I  r e a l l y  d o n ' t  c a r e  a b o u t  O n e  D i r e c t i o n . 

format by PaperLung

Forget it,
                                                              I don't even want to do this anymore...

I wonder if Steve knew
Wha he  was  getting  into
When  he  created
 W . .




I really hope that 
this year  

w l   e   . .                                                     

Nmf  N

My New Years Resolution
is to get over you...


I'm So Sorry. 

 I'm S o r r y,
 That I just wasn't


Whatever it is you need,
 I   p r a y   I   a m 

Since I had you,
E v e  t h i n k i n  a b o u t
 Anyone else
Jus isn't  right..