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Well my name is Janessa
I  was brought into this complicated world on April 15th
I have to say I'm enjoying every bit of life ^.^
Music Is my LIFE, it speaks words i am affraid to say.
My life as if right now it is going REALLY good i couldnt be anymore
happier with wat life has given me when i needed it the most(:
One thing i came to realize is that no matter how hard ur life may be at the moment,
or depressed about something, life moves on.
It may take a while but u will get their and u will look back and realize what u went through
only made u stronger.<3
I love talking to people about my problems and helping them out in their problems
so if you need to talk to someone i am here,
I must addmit I am obssessed with Witty!
ohh and also facebook so ask for it :)

Quotes by loveyou320

My mistake was,
KNEW what i was getting myself into!
and i did something i promised myself i wouldnt do...
Shout out  to  One Direction's
parent's for not using a condom(;

u know their comes a point were the girl tht is wrapped around ur fingers starts fading away, cause she finally see's the real u, it might have taken her a whole lot of tears but she finally see's all the pain u have caused her, and she knows she doesnt deserve to be treated tht way, she will find someone who wont lie and play her the way u did.<3

  I hope you wake up one day and it suddenly hits you that she wud never do half the crazy stuff i did for you. Yea she may have had you first, but if she really did love you she wudnt have cheated on you in the first place, think about it. In my case I proved to you how much you meant to me, not once did i ever play with you and everything i said i meant it, but its okay be with her again, if you get hurt dont say i didnt tell you so. i just hope you realize you lost a girl that would've done ANYTHING for you and i am more then sure i proved it.♥  

What more can you do, when his mom is the one who doesnt want you to be with him</3
Because of ONE mistake you did;
Doesn't everyone deserve a second chance?</3333

The worst thing that could've happend, happened.</333

If he really does mean a lot to you, then fight for him.
No matter how complicated things are. If people try to come in between, tell him that way he knows that he has ur trust!♥
Dont let NOTHING or ANYONE come in between or dont even let the little things u see get to u, TRUST HIM, cause without trust the relationship is worthless. and if it doesnt work out, dont ever regret something that once made u smile and more importantly dont ever regret him because rememeber at one point he was all u ever wanted.<3333
 You know what hurts?
It’s when someone made you feel special
yesterday but made you feel that
you’re the most stupid person today.
 Its obvious she loves u but u dont love her cause if u did u wouldnt be sayingg things you have been saying to me if u did. Yes i'm gladd u came back into my life, but heres ONE thing i am promising u, i WILL NOT go back to ur games i went through to much tears and pain for u, i even wud take u back when u wud play ur stupid games, not even tht made u realize how much i loved u.
Did u catch that? past tense 'LOVED.' I have moved on with my life and found someonee that really catches my attention so if ur expectingg for something to happen between me and u again dont get ur hopes up to high cause i actually want something serious not those stupid little games again.
ohhh and wait you have a girlfriend  too, or did you forget? So please STOP flirting with me and trying to get back with me cause like i said i dont play those games!
 I hate texting people first.
so that means if you don't text me; we don't talk.
that simple :)