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At least I can say during Detox weekend I got about three notifications(:
i say i'm fine wit out but the only reason i date
other people is so i can try to forget the past but
i realized that wat i did in the past will effect my future.....worst part 
is i can never change it
u gave me everything u had all your love everything
and wat did i do I TOSSED IT IN THE TRASHED and
ruined wat we had....and ik when u read this you'll say he 
doesn't mean anything he says...truth is i have had time to think
and i realized wat i've done and now every time i see u It's in my head

that was the girl that gave everything and the one that u hurt and can never
be the same with again
i've lied in the past and have hurt ever time i tell i lie
i die little by little inside....i deserve to die right now a girl gave me
her heart and i ruined it put it through hell....i always loved her she's not going to believe me
but in this quote i didn't get the feeling i was dying


Whatever happens,

I just wanted to say thank you Steve for everything you did for us on this

website. Because of you, strangers from across the world could bond together

and we really are, in some ways, a family. This website has stopped so many

people from suiced/cutting/and much more. Wheater you know it Steve, You

changed our lives forever and saved many peoples lives as well. We will never be

the same because of you <3


Now please let this get a top quote so Steve can see how all of 

us appreciate wht he has done for us <3


format ThatsSoMeee ♥♥
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Fave this if
you miss someone right now.


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who would love to help me make everyone here feel beautiful?


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