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I can't stand being around my boyfriend...
He's so perfect and I'm just blah.
People are telling me how he likes another girl.
I'm pretty chill about it but on friday I'm going to ask him if he does like her...should I?
I don't see how he even likes me at all.
Everyones like "oh, your pretty, blah, blah, blah." Im not, walk in my shoes for a day and see how low my self-confidence is. I wish there could be someone on the planet that would tell me everything wrong about myself.
What I think of myself:
Fat- a fatty.
ugly- I hate my face, this is a secret, but my eyebrows are uneven, lolol yeah ik. (thats how ugly I am)
Stupid- Iv'e ran into glass doors before...
Well you get the point. I hate the way I am and I wish I could be one of those perfect girls with all the beauty and friends. : / that will never happen. If your still reading this I just want to say I love you, thank you sooooo much<3

like a good neighbor

fave if you said State Farm is there

Christmas #7:

 Christmas is cancled
Apperently you told santa you were good this year...
he died laughing.....

The awkward moment
When you shout the wrong answer in class, confidently thinking
you were right

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Dad: Son, I want you to marry the girl I tell you to.
Son: NO!
Dad: She's Bill Gate's Daughter.
Son:..oh.. okay, then.
Dad: Marry you daughter to my son!
Bill Gates: Hell no!
Dad: He's the CEO of World Bank.
Bill gates: ...oh, ok.
Dad: Appoint my son as the CEO!
Employer: NO.
Dad: He's Bill Gate's Son-in-law.
Employer: Oh, okay!




Please read.
One of my best friends is trying to commit suicide. She doesnt think anyone cares,but i do. and i know you girls care too. Shes saying NO one can convince her outta it, but WE can guys. Shes even writing a suicide note. This isnt even a lie. her witty is lindsey123. she even wrote about it,So please Favorite this,Show her WE care. Lindsey. i love you so much,id be no where without you girl please stay strong.


Dear middle school girl

who thinks shes a Victoria's

Secrets model, Mind if i

borrow a tissue? Sincerely,

its falling out of your bra


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is it just me or
do songs sound a whole lot better when your driving somewhere???


Wanna learn how to trick a blond?

click here


fave if you fell for it(:

Brandon Cyrus said that smokers are un-attractive. He's callling Adele unattractive. WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU MAN? 

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