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I'm Andrianna. But does a name really even matter in this world? We all get lost in the shuffle. That's kinda the story of my life. I'm not going to lie. I love my life. I love being in my own little world. And nobody will ever get me out. I have a passion. That passion is music. I adore music. Good music. And to tell you the truth, I think anything is music. Any artist willing to put their music out there is an inspiration to us all. But if you asked me my favorite artists: Christina Perri, Secondhand Serenade, Taylor Swift, Fleetwood Mac, and then my boy band forever Jonas Brothers♥ I also have a passion to read. Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and anything Sarah Dessen are my life. I play softball and tennis. Correction I play tennis, and I live softball. They are what I will do forever♥ Until I get old and wrinkley and can't play:) I'm in highschool. I love it and work very hard. My last passion... Singing. I don't care if I'm ever discovered, I don't care if I don't get the solo or the lead in a play, I just want to be able to sing. Forever. I love God. And I'm not trying to be all high and mighty. I'm just saying I love him and would be lost without him. Witty is my life.
I don't even think anyone will want to hear this but... My love life.
I walk into preschool. Pooh Bear backpack in hand, long blonde hair in ponytail, and shyness covering my true fear and excitement in my eyes. I then go sit at my name tag at a table. The tables were set up alphabetically so I sit next to a boy with blonde hair, freckles, and from that moment I knew, the prettiest blue eyes that I had ever seen. He looked at me and said, "Hi, I'm Tommy." And from then on we were unseperable. Best. Friends.
We went through everything together. I was never a girly girl and he always told me he like that I would play baseball with him and stuff because I wasn't like the other girls. So I took that as an okay to continue being myself. A tomboy. Well, we got older and once we went into third grade, he didn't want to be best friends with a girl anymore because all the boys made fun of him. Well, I didn't care. I made other friends but always had this weird feeling inside me about Tommy. I didn't know it then but I really liked Tommy. Really really liked him. I finally realized that. 4th grade I realized how I felt about him. It had seemed like he had forgotten about our friendship though. He never talked to me and I guess that I did the same to him. But years passed and I continued to crush on him.

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So tonight I went on my first date...
We went to a Taylor Swift concert. He told me he had wanted to go a while ago and I thought he was just saying that for me. So when we get to the concert he seemed genuinely excited. So I still thought he was putting on an act. But... NO! Not my guy! He knew every single word to every single song. He knew the emotion of the song. He knew what the song was about, and what she went through relative to that.

So dream guys do exist...


I just want to go back to the time when
stood for






&maybe he isn't
tall with a six pack. maybe he doesn't have the perfect hair cutt. maybe he isn't the star athlete. maybe he doesn't have all the girls hanging over him. maybe he isn't the loudest and most outgoing in a group.
Maybe he is




These places &these faces
are getting old.

-not my format.


That person that
says things through text that they would never have the guts to say in person.


&To be honest
I hate texting... Unless it's with him.


Harry Potter Quote

Profesor Slughorn: HARRY!
Harry: SIR!


Harry Potter Quote

Harry (to Hermione about Ron) : Are you still mad at him?

Hermione: I'm always mad at him.


Harry Potter Quote

Ron: Bloody hell!