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hheeeyy everyone i am cassie im 15 years old i start drivers ed soon im so happy i cant wait to drive. i love all my friends but i seem to be losing a lot of them lately. we are all breaking off into smaller groups ad my best guy friend kinda hates me. so im going through a rough time. and i like my ex again. but whatever im addicted to this site and i just cant get enough. i love reading stories on here it is so entertaining some of these people should become authors but if any of you want to read a good story read xStoryTimeSmile  her stories are amazing and so realistic she would love more followers and input on her stories. if you know anyone else who has amazing stories leave me a comment
lovee youuuu alll


Quotes by loving_my_girls_forever

 this backround is red.

it shows my red blood shot eyes vained from crying for hours at a time.
the red stands for the color and wholesome organ i should have in my upper left chest. but that has disappeared along with the love.
this represents the blood i wish would all drain out of my body and make me deceased,
there doesnt seem like any good reasons to live
i am living for the people who love me, but i question their love everyday.
i do not know how anyone feels all this love would come out if i were to just die. all the people i never thought cared about me or people i thought didnt even know my name or that i even exist.

these words are black.

the black stands for the deep dark hole inside my heart. more than one person caused it,
and none of them even know how much i think about them.
they take up space in my mind that could be filled with happy thoughts or memories.
i cant even remember what i just typed because of the overwhelmingness of love life and happpiness which never seems to even cross my mind for a whole second anymore.
people come and go in life and they sayyou have to fine the ones who are willing or do stay or are worth the risk, but no one in life will stay forever
forever is a long time, no one lives forever.
life is a struggle things may seem to get easier but in reality it is a short break that leads to greater challenges. nothing good ever happens no one can make you happy forever.
like i said forever is a long time nothing lasts

Day 02 - Letter 2: Your crush

Dear whoever you are,
i am a confused person, right now i don't have a crush, i wish i could say that one special person gave me butterflies when i pass them in the hallway or that a smile or a head nod melt my heart. or the smallest word or gesture would complete my whole world. but no one can understand me for who i am, I'm labeled like every single person in this world. i know its sounds corny but i am waiting for someone to see me, through the labels and for it to be a fairytale jock guy loves unpopluar girl who is in now way perfect but her imperfections aren't bad they are just reasons to love. these imperfections make each person unique and different. my friends are fading away my family's falling apart and i would like someone to be there for me when my world comes crashing down on top of me, someone to pull me out of the destroyed chaos and bring me up to a new life.


thank you for reading those who actually took the time too

30 days, 30 letters <3

Day 01 - Letter 1: Your Bestfriend.

Dear Alison,
i think we are growing apart youve been hanging out with emmer everyday, but its partically because i have basketball a lot, but it just ended so i hope we will be closer, but this time im not sure, weve only had one fight before, when i was being mean to you always making fun of you or trying to fake wrestle but you didnt like it we had our first fight, verbally and a few punches, but now i feel the same you dont stick up for me when jackie is mean to me, you just play along and laugh because she loves you. i dont know what to do. ive tried to get emily to talk to you, but you arent telling her anything. i tell you everything. i wouldnt know what to do without  you. i thought you wanted me on your side, but now i just cant tell anymore. i love you and i will miss you if we break apart. but remember when i said bestfriends forever you said off course i said pinky promise..you promised. dont break it.
Love, Cassie
30 days, 30 letters <3

Day 01 - Letter 1: Your Bestfriend.
Day 02 - Letter 2: Your crush
Day 03 - Letter 3: Your parents
Day 04 - Letter 4: Your siblings
Day 05 - Letter 5: Your dreams
Day 06 - Letter 6: A stranger
Day 07 - Letter 7: Your ex-boyfriend
Day 08 - Letter 8: Your favorite internet friend
Day 09 - Letter 9: A person you wish to meet
Day 10 - Letter 10: Someone you don't talk to as much as you'd like to
Day 11 - Letter 11: A deceased person you wish you could talk to
Day 12 - Letter 12: Person you hate the most
Day 13 - Letter 13: Someone you wish you could forgive
Day 14 - Letter 14: Someone you drifted away from
Day 15 - Letter 15: The person you miss the most
Day 16 - Letter 16: Someone that is not in your state
Day 17 - Letter 17: Someone from your childhood
Day 18 - Letter 18: The person you wish you could be
Day 19 - Letter 19: Someone that pesters your mind (Good or bad)
Day 20 - Letter 20: The one that broke your heart the hardest
Day 21 - Letter 21: Someone you judged by their first impression
Day 22 - Letter 22: Someone you want to give a second chance to.
Day 23 - Letter 23: The last person you kissed.
Day 24 - Letter 24: The person that gave you your favorite memory.
Day 25 - Letter 25: The person you know that is going through the worst of times
Day 26 - Letter 26: The last person you made a pinky promise to.
Day 27 - Letter 27: The friendliest person you knew for only a day
Day 28 - Letter 28: Someone that changed your life
Day 29 - Letter 29: The person you want to tell everything to, but are afraid to.
Day 30 - Letter 30: Your reflection in the mirror
no your right.
i mistook our endless converstaions,
your sweet texts,
the compliments,
and our amazing moments
for you liking me.
guess she had something more.
my bad.

uglyy colors sorry. i know this is from facebook im not one of those people who cant come up with original quotes, this just explains my life completely right now.
i hate cancer.

end of story
when you get all happy
and then something
just happens to

bring you down,
down so far
that nothing

can fix how you feel

what can you do ? 
Day 7: 4 turn offs.

1. smoking
2. drinking
3. pretends to be tougher than he is
4. likes your body not you
Day 6: 5 people who mean a lot to me(in no special order).

1. Alison (bestfriend)
2. Daddy
3. Mommy
4. Ryan (brother)
5. Jeff (brother)
Day 5: 6 things I wish I've never done.

1. fallen for you
2. told you the truth
3. lied to you
4. not supported you
5. lost you to her
6. told you i loved you

sorry i havent been on in a while, basketball sorry ♥