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I'catca grenade, for you-
 love is just a word, that doesnt mean a thing.
and i'm just another shitty exscuse for a teenager.
Please don't judge me;; If you do I'll be a bitch right back-
if you can tell me who I am, that be fantastic cause i'd like to know.
i l l k e e p b r e a t h i n g ; every once in a while at least.           ♥
& there's no one i can currently trust.
" people haven't always been there for me, but music has "
life moves on, time heals wounds.
i'm still learning about this thing we call life, & i'm trying my best.
i look to witty for inspiration-
but don't we all ?

format credit;; naturally

i like it when people tell me they like my quotes, it makes me feel like maybe just one other person might understand.

lovingforeverxx's Favorite Quotes

if it makes you happy
it can't be that bad.
if it makes you happy,
then why the hell are you so sad?

not my format
you're the apple to my pie.
you're the straw to my berry.

you're the smoke to my high. 
and you're the one 
i wanna marry. ♥
not my format
you okay?
most commonly asked question.
most convincingly told lie.
most carefully asked inquiry.
most deeply regretted reply.

not my format

Definition; Awkward (adjective);
When you ask the black kid in your class for the skin colored crayon.



After I do my make - up
I realize that one eye always looks better than the other one

 TEXTS #48
Daughter: I accidentally turned the dryer on with the dog in it.
Mom: OMG is he ok??
Daughter: Yeah, he's fine.
Mom: Is he fluffy?

that loongg draaaggy voice
you use when you're reading your text aloud as you type it.


hold my hand,
and together, we can conquer the world.


i catch my breath,
the moment he enters the room.

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