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this city never sleeps.
My name is Luke I'm 18, i'm from the UK
I refuse to treat people differently
i like treating people how you want to be treated
(: I'm normal well i think i am at least if you want to talk pop up :D
you're beautiful don't forget that!!

Quotes by ^_^*

Best childhood comeback.
I know what you are but what am i 


do you ever put on music in your room or whatever
and sing along then you walk out,
still singing and come back in and it lines up
with the song and you feel like a god

Me: Wow everything is going perfect for once!
Life: haha one sec.

Happy has five letters
Pizza has five letters
This is no coincidence


The term 'soul mate' is such a confusing term, some believe it to be at someone who they'll feel true love, some think it's someone you'll be with forever, some think it's someone who it's meant to be with

I personally think its a spiritual bond that makes you feel like you can not live a day without them, that person who makes you constantly smile without trying and that person that makes you feel wanted when you feel unwanted. 
My heart is heavy an it keeps me to the ground,
my eyes are swollen cos it can't have you around


Personally I don't believe age is an issue in a relationship, if two people are happy together
leave them alone it's their relationship not yours.

"I need to lose some weight"
Your like 5 Stone what are you trying to lose?
Your life..

Normal people are boring,
the weirder you are
the more
we will get on

Seeing a stranger
and getting butterflies when they smile at you...

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