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lukeyboi___'s Favorite Quotes

Dear Mrs. Claus,

Your husband watches kids sleep, encourages kids to sit on his lap, and
sneaks into their house at night.

Sincerely, I'd be concerned.

I can't listen to certain songs because
they remind me too much of you


Nobody's PERFECT.

We All Make Mistakes.
And We Have To Learn From Them.
It's Called;



Close Your Eyes
& Pretend you saw nothing.
It wont be as painful. Trust me. I know.

can sometimes make no sense at all.
People seem to fall in love for the strangest reasons.
Opposites attract and people can find themselves
in relationships that may look peculiar to the outside world,
but can only make sense to you or to your significant other.

When you find love,
anything seems to be possible.

A wrong relactionship

will make you

feel more alone then when you were single 


Nobody wants to hear this,but sometimes
the person you want
most is the person you’re best without
 And even after all this time,
you still cross my mind.

R.I.P. 2012


Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions
that can change your life forever.