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Face it Marilyn Monroe;

 a R E A L girl listens for the truth, and doesn't fear being left for she knows she is unforgettable and irreplaceable.

hi, friends! 
this is my witty that i have had for about 2 years from now. 
i love witty apart from most other websites, because i can be me, and completely me. the 16 year old girl from a small town, that has her crazy ways. i love venting on here, and i love how supportivve everyone is. 

thank you, beautifuls!

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Please, do me a favour. Be grateful.
     Last month, my mother had a talk with my youngers sisters/brothers and I. She told us my dad has been diagnosed with a type of cancer, adrenal corticol carcioma. It is a extremely rare, only 2 in 1 million get it. Since it is so rare, it is evidently untreatable, chemotherapy nor radiation therapy can cure it. Affected patients have a very low chance of living 5 more years, and are given about 1-3 more years left of living if it has spread throughout the body. 
       It was a very shocking, and devastating talk we had. I didn't understand, how did this happen, so quick? How did we not know sooner, how could we have prevented it? Too many things were going through my head, until it dawned on me;

God chose my family, and for this to happen.
      He knows my father is strong, and that my family is strong as well. We can handle it, we stick together like we always have. All i'm saying is to be grateful for what you have, you never truly will know what tomorrow may bring, and what news you may hear. 

God bless xx




I'm hurting. I have been for awhile, deep down under it all.
& it's just something I can't explain.


How do I stop this endless pain?
It kills to know you're doing so well without me while i've been stuck in a rut for almost a year now.
it's just not


You just don't get to her like you used to. 


don't listen to a word i say... 
the screams all sound the same


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_________why waste your time trying to make a boy like you?
if he likes you, he does. If he doesn't, he doesn't, and there is no changing that. 
Why waste all this time, losing your true self on something that isn't even gonna work, nor is worth it?

always stay true to yourselve, ladies 


I don't wanna wait;
            I just wanna know.

i just want to hear you tell me so.

-m a y b e
♥  i am taking this time to thank all of you girls/guys on here that are so supportive.

i recently posted a few very personal quotes, and within minutes i have comments saying how much you all love me and care for me.

i'm crying right now out of happiness-for once- because it's so awesome to know so many people are here for me.

witty sisters and brothers, you are truly lifesavers. you TRULY are.  thank you♥ 

lots of love, lullabybaby.
imagine how screwed we would be

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