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Face it Marilyn Monroe;

 a R E A L girl listens for the truth, and doesn't fear being left for she knows she is unforgettable and irreplaceable.

hi, friends! 
this is my witty that i have had for about 2 years from now. 
i love witty apart from most other websites, because i can be me, and completely me. the 16 year old girl from a small town, that has her crazy ways. i love venting on here, and i love how supportivve everyone is. 

thank you, beautifuls!

lullabybaby's Favorite Quotes

Never give up. Never lose yourself in this crazy world. Never forget who you were before you were broken. 


Teacher: The test is very easy.
Me: Sure it is, you already know the answers.

just for once,
I want someone to be afraid of losing me.


Yesterday I made a quote about wanting to kill myself on my 17th birthday.
I got off witty, cried and walked down to the water by my house.
I was ready to jump and drown myself by putting a weight on top of me.
And then I heard a family coming behind me so I couldn't do it;
Like it was almost a sign that it wasn't my time and to hold on.
Then I woke up and came on witty and I saw all these beautiful strangers
who I don't even know who told me they wanted me here on Earth.
People I have never met actually care about me-it's crazy.

You've all kept me here and I thank you for telling me to keep going.
You all mean so much- I'd appreciate it wittians could favorite this so everyone knows I'm alive and so that people could see my gratitude. Thank you <3 

|| I Just Didn't ||
{ >>Mean as much<<
To You. As you did to Me




  during one of the lowest points in my eating

disorder; a few weeks before hospitalization:

my mother brough chinese food home for dinner.

chinese food had always been my favorite, but

my eating disorder wouldn't let me eat anything

that "fatty" so my mother and i got in a fight.

after silently sitting at the end of the table

waiting for everybody else to finish their

food, my mother reached for the fortune cookie

and tossed it to me. she asked me if i wanted


i threw it back to here and screamed, "NO!"

she knew i would put up a fight otherwise, so

she said, "fine, i'll eat it - but the 

fortune is yours."

she cracked open the cookie and read what

was inside.



on the back of the cookie where it gives a

word/phrase to learn in chinese, the phrase



now here i am, 6 months later,

and in recovery.

The fortune cookie was right.




Long Distance Relationships are, in my opinion stronger than others. Trust is the biggest thing in a relationship, right? and you need a lot of trust to believe that someone is faithful from hundreds of miles away. Sure, you don't get to hug or kiss the person everyday. But just imagine how amazing it will be when you finally meet them. And how perfect it's going to be. You fight less. Laugh more. Trust better.
Long Distance Relationships are hard - harder than a lot of things, but they're worth it in the end. Feelings are feelings. Love is love. No matter how far away you are.
I Love You Adam


Not my Quote;


Mom: Can I see your witty?
Me: What witty?
Me: *clears internet history, throws laptop against wall, flees to Mexico and changes name to Juanita*

Sometimes, you need to look like you're confident even when you're not.

- Vanessa Hudgens

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