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Quotes by lulu12step

ohmygod...i cant wait to sign in on monday and see if people actually made formats...

Today isn't your whole life
you could die tommorow
you have all the resources to change the world
you're here for a reason
and that reason isnt to mope around and feel sorry for yourself
it's to MAKE A difference while you can
be nice to your family,
they're all you have
don't waste your money on covering up what you alrady have,
painting your face won't make you anymore
beautiful and the right person doesnt give a crap if
your cheeks are pink
its your life
it's your precious seconds on earth
make them count 


I love sleep
My life has this tendency to fall apart when I'm awake.

When boys lie they say I love you
en girls lie they say they're okay

my quote, my format

Life is like a roller coaster,
And I'm about to throw up.