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I'm Louise (lou-eez) but you can call me Lulu 

I'm 15, may 2 1999, sophmore
People usually put the music they like in these but I like pretty much any music I hear from the Beatles to The Wanted to Panic At The Disco
People also tend to put things like illnesses they have in here so I'll tell you I have anxiety but I do not want to romanticize it or make a big deal out of it
I'm in love with Supernatural, Doctor Who, Glee, and The Walking Dead. If you want to fangirl with me over any of them PLEASE DO SO
Marvel Comics are my jam
I love food. Food is love food is life. 
I only post quotes that I come up with on my own unless I say in the quote who else it is by
I have a dry and sarcastic sence of humor and puns are hilarious to me
I love rain and hate warm weather unless I'm swimming
I'm an adreneline junky 
I'm really accepting of different types of people and think people should be able to live their life how they want to if their not hurting anyone else

I can't think of anything else to write about myself in here so read my quotes and if you have any questions ask :)


Quotes by ParticipationAward*

Grandma: Take out the trash!
Grandpa: Fine get your coat and lets go.

*shows affection to people close to me by repeatedly insulting them*
An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind
stop stabing eachother in the fuc.king eyes because they realize what it feels like to get stabbed in the eye.

Sister: Louise do I have a muffin top?
Me: That's not a muffin top, that's the whole muffin.
If you categorize and stereotype people and treat them in ways based off of how 'their kind' is portraid in the media or by others or by the news then you are close-minded and ignorant and stupid and I want nothing to do with you. 

I got the D..

oritos because I was hungry
One of my best friends is moving to India when she finishes our next year of school. She is so great and does not realise how great she is and how wonderfully shes impacted my life. I don't know what I'll do without her and I'm scared for her. She wants to stay here not just for her friends but because it'd be better for her future and I'm so worried that things won't turn out how they should for her because of her moving. She has had her life figured out since about 6th grade and has been working towards it this whole time. She planned on going to a great college here in the US in our state and has above a 4.0 gpa to work towards it. Shes in special health and medical classes and has done so well and put so much effort in to everything and none of its going to matter when she moves. She already has such a negative outlook on life and it's horrible because she is such an amazing person and doesn't realize that; and with her leaving I think her outlook is just going to get worse. I'm afraid that were going to loose touch, I'm afraid that I wont get to see her, I'm afraid that when we grow up we will be too busy for eachother, I'm afraid that her future and the rest of her life won't be as good as it could be. I'm just afraid. I'm sad. I'm angry. And I'm afraid.

If you say one think kind to someone, help someone when they need it, hold open a door for someone , compliment a stranger, or just do something kind once a day you have improved 1825 peoples lives in five years.
Do something kind for two people once a day and thats 3650 lives improved in five years.

Three nice things a day and that number goes to 5475 lives that you bettered.

The point isn't a math lesson; its that we all have the power to make others lives better by doing the simplest of things. 

It doesn't take a lot of effort, all it takes is being a jenuinely kind human being who just gives a basic effort to make others feel better. 

What if the person who you compliment was having a horrible day and your small act of kindness improves it? How great is that?
And what if that person returns the favor to someone else?

Think of the effect that would have; on how much happier and nicer we would all be if we just made a small effort to be helpful and kind to one another?

I think its wonderful that we all can do this; than any one of us can improve our world with the simplest of things. 
In 2nd grade I hated my skin
In 3rd grade I thought I was too fat
In 4th grade I didn't identify with being a girl. And I cut.
In 5th grade I hated how I wasn't getting curves
In 6th grade I hated how I was 'ginger'
In 7th grade I hated how I was naturally very skinny

The point of posting this isn't to get pitty. It's to show that issues like this aren't just things experienced by teenagers. They can happen at any age. And that people need to stop saying that someone is "too young" to understand something; because chances are they're not. Instead of just dismissing these things as issues we need to adress with teenagers we should start younger. Perhaps if we accepted the fact that even young children have body and self esteem issues then we could stop them there instead of letting the issues worsen as they grow. We don't want to think of little kids knowing about and having problems like these but lots of them do; and when we realize and accept that young children are at least partially aware of these things then we can more efficently fix them.

*gets caught smoking by mom*
don't worry mom its a metaphor