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In the end
no one is really innocent
^Meeting Austin Mahone! Dis was after the concert, so I looked like shit
V Before the concert! woot woot.
come on baby, let's fly away to higher skies and watch the world go by.
You can call me Amna & I enjoy the simple things in life.
I don't sugar coat my words. I call it like I see it.
I'm not in this world to live up to your expections
and your not in this world to live up to mine.
You do your thang and I do mine. Easy peasy (:
Oh and leave your teeny bopper drama at the door.
Uh huh guurl I ain't gonna put up with that.

My main bitches
Stevie // Hai // Pedo // Gee // Taco // Flur // Jam // Whori // Awe // Char // Kay

Hailey is maah lovaah. We're lesbian cunts. (;  

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Bruno  Mars



Taylor Swift

Need To Do A Song Together. <3

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 i won't lie;
hes annoying; hes weird
hes a
& hes a nerd.
but hes the guy... the
who s e c r e t l y
had my
heart this
whole time.© 
bad      for      you,
g o o d  f o r  w i t t y  :)

peeing in your pants
---> everyone can [[see]] it<---- 
 but only [[you]] can feel it
E v e r y t i m e    I    s e e    y o u    t a l k    t o    h e r ,
my heart breaks a little more.
   Hey, babe!
                                            Wanna go to Narnia with me~? ;D