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Quotes by Harper*

people who are pretty
are judged just as easily
as people who arnt

I did something awful. I feel so guilty about it.
But Im also proud of myself for saying something.
I feel roten inside but i feel like i only said what eveyone else wanted to say.
I need adive.
People are self absorbed
Yes i mean people on Witty.
People complain about the smallest and stupidest things.
Yes it is ok to self pity sometimes.
I do too
But its become all i see.
The main thing that bothers me is the complaining about friends.
If your friends dont invite you anywhere or talk to you,
its your fault
if you dont try to get included or if you just sit there and expect them to like you
youre not making them want to be your friend

It bothers me that people cant look around at the world and relize how stupid they sound
people have real issues.
while youre sitting on the internet woundering why "nobody likes you"
people are dying.
people are hurt

sometimes i want to yell "GET OVER YOURSELF"
put your problems into perspective.

not trying to offend anyone but its the hard truth

Anybody else a PSYCH fan?

you're welcome

People try and see a movie
They get shot

Kids want to go to school
They get killed

People want to run a marathon
They get bombed

Honestly? Im scared of this world we live in
luvHarper2900 at 6:04pm December 05, 2012 to Steve

hey steve. are you going to change up witty's formats for the holdidays?

Steve at 8:35pm December 05, 2012 to luvHarper2900

I ho ho hope so. (so lame)

oh steve.

Old but realy funny

Its so funny when text books try and make the word problems bi-racial. Like,
JuanCarlos, Ruth, Muhamad, Chang, and Shaniqua have 4 watermellons.

i love people

lol Just kidding