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Hi everyone! 

So, just in case anyone wanted a little update on my life right now! 

- I will be attending Emmanuel College in Boston for the next four years of my life (how exciting!) 
-I decided to pop back onto this site purely for nostalgic purposes and missed a lot of beautiful faces I've left here.
- I think I was super funny when I was younger. 

SO for those of you who knew me when I was an awkward pre-teen & want to catch up with me now, here are a few ways to contact me below:

Twitter: @MoonNessa
Instagram: SuppNessa
VSCO: HeyNessaa
Tumblr: TequilaBonfire

I hope everyone comes back on here &wants to connect. Thank you so much for dealing with my crazy ass for however long you did 😂💕

I love you all.



Quotes by Ralph*

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A person who is unsightly and apalling is
not one with legs that touch, or eyebrows
that come together.
A person who is ugly and atrocious is not
one who has eyes that are small or jeans
that are a few sizes too little.
A person who is unattractive and wicked
is one who is selfish, not one to think of
feelings and thoughts.
A person is not granted the atrocious label
of the word "unattractive" unless it comes
from their sins, their dreadful wishes that
come true, and the heart that they own
is as cold as a snowy morning in
May your days be filled
|||||||||| With happiness that includes cute butts and tater tots.

My heart plunges to the bottom of my feet when someone spoils a book for me.
Novels are an escape for just a few moments, stripping away all your worry &misery.
It is an adventure you have not yourself experienced exactly as the protagonist has.
It is a piece of life that will make you laugh and cry over people that do not exist.
The book itself along with the characters can be there for you when nobody else is.
The book can have a meaning to you afterwards.
Novels are a gift, a simple piece of literature that makes you listen with your eyes.
My heart demands an apology when it is taken from what could have been an adventure.



so the best thing to do is to put on a
smile and make it look like I know every little
» thing about the whole entire world.

wear an ugly shirt. have large smiles.
listen to music you'll be judged for &not care.
creep someone out &become friends.
find who you truly are as a person.
» you'll regret it if you don't.

who is not afraid to pick up a
sweet-smelling rose, even though
» it will have thorns along its stem.

She wonders what it would be like when her innocence is shattered.
Her first hand-holding moment, where her hand is in his strong hold.
Her first press of the lips, lasting longer than a few seconds, his kiss slow and steady.
Her first exploration of his body, tracing every outline; and letting him do the same.
Her first taste at something that shouldn't be tasted- satisfying him with pleasure.
Her first time bare, in a bedroom with him, both ready to give up their purity for love.
She wonders about how much time she has left until she isn't innocent anymore. ♥

I've fallen for everything about you.
I've fallen for the way your eyes sparkle with colour when you look at me. I've fallen for your straight-toothed smile.

I've fallen for the way words roll off your tongue.
The way you push things further into the higher shelf so that you'd have an excuse to get it for me over and over again.
I've fallen for the way you say, "Good morning" to me. The way you take morning showers &your hair is all wet.
I've fallen so hard, someone will have to piece me back together.♥


He tries not to smile, noticing that she's intimidated by him.
He wasn't sure what was so striking about it, just maybe the thought of it.
She smiles timidly at him when she sits on the couch over his own.
She expresses her manners through a timid tongue.
Red is the color of her cheeks when he tries to speak to her, make her unafraid.
Red is the color of his blood when he unintentionally tears his bottom lip open.
In his car, she sits in the back,  quietly humming along to the repetitive melodies.
In his seat, he thinks of how things will be when she's a little older for him.
They laugh and joke a little, but never a true conversation.
They silently say the things that aren't ready to be said.
Intimidation may be one's key to their locked-up heart.♥