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Quotes by luvmeplz

Roses are red,
violets are blue.
He's for me,
not for you.
If by chance,
you take my place.
I'll take my fist,
and smash your face.
people who don't know me think i'm shy. people who know me wish i were.
you know how moms can find everything?

a million dollars, eighteen puppies, one direction, a mansion, being witty famous, a boyfriend, and a whole apartment of food!!
A 7-year-old's story won gold in a writing contest. It was labeled "My Favorite Family Member".

My favorite family member is my doggy, Max. He never yells or beats me, like my parents, or screams at me to go away, like my brother. Max always loves me and cuddles with me when I am sad. I love Max. He is my best friend and will always be my favorite family member.

Press the <3 if you're against child abuse.

me when proofreading schoolwork: 0 times

me when proofreading a quote: 100 times

me when proofreading a text to him: 10000000 times
Today a girl told me she didn't like my earrings.
I looked her in the eye and told her I didn't like the fact that she was breathing.
when i'm in an air-conditioned room: f/ck its so cold, i miss the sun
when i'm outside in the sun: d/mn its so hot! I NEED AC!

all mine, please no jocking
I love witty more than food.
That means a lot.
Do you?
Yay! This is my 100th quote! mp
mom: *sets down a piece of buttered toast in front of me*
me: thanks! *uses hands to pick it up*
mom: no wait, its still-
me: AGH! *drops bread*
mom: -hot...

every. single. time.
*when eating at friends home*

friend's mom: do you want some more ham?

normal people: yes please! you're such a good cook!

me: yea! give me the rest. and the leftover salad. ooh, that meatloaf over there looks good. i call it! oh, i smell pie! are you making pumpkin pie? save me a quarter. no, make that a half. extra whipped cream! and i'll have a liter of soda if you can. and to top it off, if you're not eating that piece of ham on your plate, can i have it? thanks.