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Quotes by luvmeplz

The most stupid mistake I've ever made?
I fell for you.
I hate people who think others must be a stereotype.

They think
asians have to be smart.
blondes have to be ditzy.
pretty girls have to be s.l.u.t.s.
smart people must be nerds.
rich people must be spoilt.

People can have their own ways. Who says you have to be stereotyped? You're unique and no one should ever change that.
The biggest lie he ever said to me:
I love you.
Music is my best friend and counselor 
I never knew what heartbreak felt like until now.

First, you feel
numb. You can't feel anything; you just stare at nothing.

Then everything comes
crashing down on you and the realization of what just happened hits you.

Screaming into your pillow. Tears stream down your face.

Heartbreak is the
worst thing that has ever happened to me. </3
Today I was looking at old childhood videos of mine, and I realized how much I had changed.

I didn't worry about boys or school or my weight and looks.

I wasn't scared of heartbreak or friendships lost.

I was so carefree, so relaxed.

What happened to me?
As many times as I blink
I'll think of you, tonight...
A successful CEO of a company volunteered to give a speech to young adults.

As he walked toward the stage, he accidentally tripped and fell on his face. 

Quickly, he got up and walked towards the mike and said: That is an example of what I had to go through to get to who I am today.

The audience roared with applause.                                              nmq
You're not as lonely as you think you are
I'm trying to tell you

Anything you want, boy
I can make it happen
We could
fall in love
And I could be your sweetie <3
I always try on a billion clothes and end up buying like one.

Just me?
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