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Nicole! yay! almost 14 in 8th grade ,

Hunter Hayes: Wanted <333
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Country music yup forever

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That amazing moment when you make a new playlist >>>>>

I know you like her and not me. So stop texting me playing cute games of guessing who we like trying to lead me on. I know its not me so you can stop now. IM DONE PLAYING </3

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We might be oil in water
This could be a big mistake.
We might burn like gasoline and fire
That's a chance we'll have to take.

We may shine- we may shatter
We may be pickin up the pieces here on after
We are fragile- we are human
We are shaped by the light we left through us
We break fast
We are the Glass.

Dad: Im going to the bathroom then we will leave be ready
me: *sooo what should i do while i wait*
Me: cleans entire room
Me: makes myself a sandwhich
Me: playes on computer- witty, twitter, instagram for like 20 minutes
Me: rus outside and jumps on trampoline feeling crazy
Me: goes inside adn does a 15 minute workout
Me: showers
Me: dries hair
Me: straghtens hair
Me: makeup
Me: new outfit
Me: downloads new music
Me: sings five songs
Dad: You ready
Me: sureeeee
Me trying to rock a no-teeth smile because i have braces.. 
looks like i am about to puke on everyone
Rack City B-tch on the radio.. they block out b-tch with chic
: Rack City chick rack rack city chic
Me: t-t-t-t twenties on yo fifties chic
Mom: Rack City chic!!
Mom: What?
Me: you know its not "chic" mom
Mom: ohh i see
Me: yupp...
Mom: Rack City Boy rack rack city Boy!
Me *face palm* oh my gosh.
Theres a big difference between;

not liking a song 


not liking how your friend sings


 Haterz gonna hate me 

But they never gonna break me.

*my quote!