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i'm daisy. im not new. im trying. there's not many peoplle that I know left here, but if you want to talk i'm here and i would love to make a new friend. 
maybe we have things in common? maybe you understand me. tell me about yourself.                                           w  a  n  d  e  r  l  u  s  t
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Quotes by luvyhu4ever

so i had this dream I was thinking of a good quote and i finally found a great one. What was the quote? When you see a peice of ham on the kitchen floor and you step on it.... no lie. i actually thought that was a goo quote in my dream
So I'm running for president in school, and I need some campaign slogans! Please give me some ideas of slogans that rhyme with Daisy or just any slogans! Thanks.
I dont always miss a day of school, but when i do they learn everything
and every cool thing possible happens.
you want a perfect girl? buy a barbie
choosing a random quote subject because you are too lazy
i can't help but laugh when I imagine people tripping on while they are crossing the road. 
sorry i'm so mean.
My parents: You're beautiful.
Old people: I bet boys are chasing after you already.
Boys: Ew, what is that creature
that moment when you spell a word so wrong that even auto correct is like, 'I've got nothing man.'
explain to me why
those who have lost everything are still opened to love
but those who have lost
nothing are too scared to be opened to love.